Sunday, February 26, 2012

Seeing Triplets...

Midi skirts are a trend that I'm absolutely loving. They are versatile in the fact that almost anyone can wear them and it's so easy to style several different ways. I picked up one at H&M for only 7 euros...pleated, hot pink, black waistband, adorable. So I picked one that was pretty similar to mine and styled it 3 different ways.

Midi Skirt

1st Look- Definitely a night time look that's very sexy but still quite ladylike. If you don't have a bralette then go for that black lace lingerie in the drawer, that's what I did. Pair it with some sequin pumps and a cute clutch with a pop of color and viola. I like the mix of all the different textures here plus we get a little of the pink/red ever so popular color combo. 

2nd Look- Pastels were drowning the Spring 2012 runways and gave me that frilly, romantic, girly feeling! So for this look I wanted to concentrate on that color palette but not entirely. So if you're not ready to take on the head to toe color, no worries, the bird print top balances it all out. Feeling froggy? Trade in the white blouse for a pale yellow, light purplish gray, or other color. And I actually didn't even notice this until just now, but there's also a gold bird on the handbag.

3rd Look- This is a casual weekend or running errands look (that I love). I kept the shirt simple and added fun accessories like the leopard print DVF hat and the cream oxfords. Throw some gold or blush gold tone jewelry on and you're ready to look the world in the eyes. 

Which look is your fave?  

PS- I think Spring has sprung in my parts if Italy. The past few days have been sunny, no jackets required for the warmer weather, and I'm hearing the birds chirp away in the is love!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Carnevale in Italia

What is Carnevale you ask? Think of Mardi Gras without the boobs or beads (reward for the boobs). Every year it is celebrated in February about 40 days before the Easter holiday. Since it is such a HUGE celebration, the streets are always packed, sometimes it is extremely annoying! Men and women are dressed in amazingly gorgeous costumes, some quite detailed and others simple but breath taking. Everyone wears a mask and if you show up without one then you're gonna need to buy one ASAP. Unfortunately the only large Carnevale celebration that I've been to is in Venice, which is still wonderful. But I would like to make it a little south to Tuscany for one of the biggest! 

I regret that I wasn't able to make it this year, but here's a few photos that I took last time. I forgot to mention that everyone in costume plays the part with seriousness.

Their costumes were very heavy

Their passion was portrayed so well

I named them Hanzel & Grettel

I fell in love with the head piece

Not sure why, but this one kind of creeps me

I would post 500 pictures of Carnevale if I could! Every year it still makes me speechless (a very difficult thing to do) and the creativeness is overwhelming at times. If you ever get a chance, I recommend going. Maybe not to Venice for the celebration but anywhere in Italy. I hear that Germany has some pretty awesome Carnevale parties/celebrations as well...sure they have more beer

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to Wear? Thigh High Boots

I love thigh high boots! My husband bought me a platform pair a few years back and they seriously come up to the middle of my thigh with like a 4 1/2 inch heel. But, it is sometimes hard to style these boots because #1 you have to not look like a girl that works the streets and #2 you have to be careful not to show too much skin with such sultry boots. Sometimes I can feel people staring at me when I wear them but I don't care, let them stare.
THB= Thigh High Boots

I've put together 3 outfits, similar ways in which I sport my THB's. 
Thigh High Boots

#1. This is probably the most simple way that I go. Black leggings, denim/chambray top that is long enough to cover the bum, and a statement necklace. You can also change out the denim top for a plaid one for 2 different looks. Wanna dress it up a little more? Throw on a fur vest or jacket

#2. THB's and dresses...a harder combo to get right because again, nothing that shows too much skin OR that's really fitted/bodycon. I choose a jumper dress because it doesn't cling to the body but will still show off a peek of those luscious legs. For jewelry I layered a few long strand necklaces that were all in the same color tones.

#3. A tweed jacket kicks this look up a notch beyond just cut offs and a t-shirt. In the spring throw on a sheer jacket instead, to keep the look balanced. Pile on some simple bangles with a couple cool and unique rings = a tad bit rocker/edgy once you add the THB's. (Add tights/leggings if needed)

How do you wear your THB's?

Don't forget to send in your readers looks as well, click here for more info.



UnEstablish is a one stop shop for stylish clothing from brands like Free People, Keepsake, Swank, MinkPink, and more. These labels are from all over the world...Singapore, Australia, California, Madrid and more. I love the idea of international fashion all in one store. 

Keepsake is one of my favorite labels at UnEstablish. The designs are feminine, flirty, and romantic, plus I'm loving all the pastels. Finder's Keepers is another great one, a bit more funky and fun that Keepsake.UnEstablish offers menswear as well, but I'm gonna go ahead and say it's definitely not my husbands But for all my readers...

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fall 2012

I hope that one of these days I will be able to attend Fashion Week, it's been a dream of mine for so long. I tried my best to be able to attend Milan but as we know its an extreme amount more difficult to get into the shows. I even had invitations for a couple events going on for London Fashion Week but unfortunately was not able to attend...super bummed. Instead of being like all you other cool bitches bloggers who did attend Fashion Week, I'm stuck here looking at images on a computer screen. **Guz Fraba**

Now for some Fashion Week goodies....

1.  I love the moto look at Proenza Schouler, and boxy jackets are right on trend for Fall 2012
Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler

2. Mixing Patterns & Textures- Fashion East (as well as Tory Burch) showed us some gorgeous pattern/print play in deep wine colors and metallics...loved it.

Fashion East

Fashion East

Tory Burch

 3. And here are a few others that caught my eye...
Michael Kors...LOVE IT
Derek Lam and a frequently used pattern
Badgley Mischka...elegant dress, love the shoulders and details

What are some of your favorite shows so far? There's so many wonderful designers to choose from. 

I'm also going to now make a promise to myself that I WILL attend fashion week one day. Now let's see how long this one takes to

Friday, February 17, 2012

Little Style 'Spiration

Sorry for the MIA act this past week...please forgive me? Great! Now that we're all back on track and there are no hard feelings, here we go! 

ASOS is a great place to look for inspiration and I find myself browsing through looks quite frequently. Personally I'd rather see what "real" people are wearing instead of celebrities who have stylists. Here are a few looks that caught my eye...
---In the caption of each photo I've added the link. You can view it on the ASOS site and also see other looks from that person.

1. 70's vibe is what I got from the dress and I love it. The colors go so perfect with her red hair and make her skin glow as well.

View here

2.Orange and blue...such a beautiful, bright, warm weather color combo. Check out this on ASOS, she has more color combos like this.

View here

 3.  Beautiful, a pairing well done. The mix of dressy/high fashion (fur skirt) with the casual sweater and denim vest is very appealing to the eye.

View here

4. Can we say hold winter goddess? Snow on the ground, I'm jealous how beautiful, it adds to the etheral fairy tale-ish feeling.

View here

Friday, February 10, 2012

Free Valentine's Cards from Free People

Who doesn't love a totally cute and unique Valentine's card? The creative ones at Free People have come up with 3 adorably sweet printable cards that you can customize for your valentine. 
My personal favorite has to be the honey bear! That probably has something to do with this...when I was little, every time I visited my grandparents I wanted toast with honey on it. Yes I know that has nothing to do with V-Day, but to this day I will not buy American honey unless it's in the

Our love is...just like honey

Love is...for the birds

The birds are cute to, and I especially love the watercolor-ish handmade feel of it.

You are a fox

You are a fox....why thank you! This is definitely the one I want my hubs to give to me. LOL

Aren't these all just great? To download the files and send these cutesy cards to that special someone click here

Here are also a few items that I'm currently obsessing over from Free People...

Lace & Mesh Long Sleeve Slip here

Lissie Glitter Heel (Black/Blue/Rasberry) here

Floral Denim Shrunk Blazer here

And has anyone shopped Free People's Vegan Leather Collection? OMG everything is to die for!!! Go take a look here and let me know what you think.