Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sole Society...My kind of place!

Become a free member HERE
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We've all heard about Kim K's online shoe store and a few others much similar, but have you checked out Sole Society yet? In my opinion this is sooooo much better because it's totally FREE to be a member. That is the main reason that I never joined any of the shoe clubs, because I didn't want to pay for the shoes every month and worry about hitting cancel if I didn't want a pair. Too much hassle!

With Sole Society you can pick any shoe, all priced at $49.95 and they send you coupons for $10 off sometimes as well. You can browse through all the shoes offered OR you can have the SS stylists pick the shoes based on your style (you have to answer a few questions). And can I just say damn they do a great job and have extremely fashionable choices? 

Become a member now by clicking HERE, browse around, and stock up on fabulous spring & summer shoes. 

I'm deciding which shoe to purchase and right now this one takes the lead...
The Phebe in mint...also comes in coral and nude

Monday, March 26, 2012

Gracelynn Rose Designs & GIVEAWAY

Today I'm very excited to introduce everyone to Gracelynn Rose Designs! The owner, Stephanie, is one of my closest and dearest friends that I consider more of a sister. The first time we met it was instant friendship, now we've known each other for 5 years. Even though we're currently thousands of miles apart it's as if we never left.

Swirly Pink Black Lampwork Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Stephanie has been designing her own jewelry since 2001 and selling it to customers along with a few stores. Each design is her own, delicately handcrafted, and unique. She did an entire jewelry line based on Twilight (which of course I loved every piece) that was so beautiful AND she sold a line of pearl & crystal bracelets to David's Bridal and those were stunning.

For my birthday Stephanie sent me a pair of earrings in the mail and I fell in love with them and wear them every chance I get. Might I add that they are 1 of a kind, not another pair like them...

 It's obvious that my girl is super talented and I'm so proud of her that the jewelry line has and is doing so well.

Blue Agate & Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver Earrings

Stephanie, of Gracelynn Rose Designs (this is the Etsy shop), is giving away these beautiful pair of earrings to one of my lucky readers. Since this is my 1st giveaway it will be open from March 26th until April 14th, the winner will be announced on Monday April 16th. Leave your email so that I can contact the winner
To enter you must

1. Be a follower of my blog, either through Google or Blog Lovin.
2. Leave a comment telling what you're favorite item of GraceLynn Design is.
3. Like GraceLynn Rose Designs on FB by clicking HERE

*For extra entries post this giveaway on your blog, facebook, and/or twitter. You will receive an extra entry for each and make sure to post the link in your comment as well.

Good luck to everyone and the winner will be announced on April 16th!  

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Follow Now On Blog Lovin

Just wanted to let you all know that you now have the option to follow on Blog Lovin as well...

Also, Monday I will have my 1st giveaway, so get ready! Here are a few things that I'm obsessing over at the moment.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend

Friday, March 23, 2012

I Always Was Good At Math

Geometry was easy for me in high school, probably had something to do with the fact that math was my favorite subject. So when the geo trend really came out with a bang I was naturally drawn to it. I haven't bought or worn any of the louder pieces but I'm definitely searching to see what I would like to add to my wardrobe. Although I do have to admit, the geo prints really remind me of something my parents probably wore in the 80's or a little Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Which isn't a bad thing if you know how to rock it. 

Altuzarra, Prabal Gurung, and Ohne Titel are just a few designers that had some beautiful geo designs on the S/S 2012 runways (not including color blocking). My favorite out of those three would have to be Prabal Gurung. Each garment was wonderfully and intricately constructed. I need some awesome black and white pants like that!

Here are a few items that I picked out, they are a bit on the louder side of the trend. Loud fits me I think, at least that's what my husband and friends would say...haha.  


The maxi in the middle is my favorite along with the pencil skirt! 
What are your thoughts on this trend? Would you wear it, have you worn it, do you plan on purchasing geo items? 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

40 Clove Garlic Chicken...

Let me start by saying that I LOVE to cook, bake, mix, whisk...anything that involves me in the kitchen with food and/or drink. I would bake something every day if I knew that I could go without wanting to devour whatever it may be. And new recipes? Oh yea baby, bring 'em on!

So onto today~   I guarantee that I will not be having any vampire encounters in the near future. Why? Because my hands, my house, my breath, my pores, my skin, and probably my blood stream have the odor of garlic. Lucky for us that garlic is very much welcome in my home. Lucky for others that we'll be staying inside this evening.

Have you ever been over to The Pioneer Woman? I wanted to be all professional and take pictures of my ingredients, the step by step process, make it look real good, ya' know like she does. Well I got carried away and couldn't wait to get this dish going or digging in when it was done, so there are limited photos today (please forgive).  

How beautiful and springy is this anyway?
 40 Clove Garlic Chicken, I've heard of it and was told it's delicious but I have never tasted or made it until today. Raw chicken (or any raw meat for the matter) grosses me out! If I'm ever going to make a recipe that calls for hands touching or patting out anything I yell for my husband. Need me to handle blood & guts, not a problem, but not this. I have never touched a chicken like I did this morning. I had to stick my hand inside its "cavity" and under the skin to clean it and shove some garlic up there. Then I had to do it again to massage the dang thing with butter and spices. Next time maybe I'll have the hubs do it all the night before and stick it in the fridge for me.

I found the recipe HERE and changed it up just a tad...
-I didn't use oregano because I didn't have fresh on hand
-I used 2 celery ribs
-Lemon juice instead of wedges, about 2 teaspoons
-Prosecco is the white wine I used
-Cooked it in the crock pot on low for 6 hours

See...I was ready to dig in & took a crappy phone pic.

The flavors were great, I could taste a hint of the white wine and lemon juice, the onion and celery also put off nice aromas but had a very light taste. OMG the tender juicy chicken was falling apart so much I could barely get it on my plate. You can see in the picture that mine it all over the place, there was no pretty plating to this one. But I was slightly disappointed  at the lack of the taste of garlic, which shouldn't be so after using 40 cloves. Next time I'm going to try this in the oven instead and stuff the chicken with more garlic in hopes to bring out the garlic more. Don't get me wrong, it was there, but I was expecting the garlic to basically punch me in the face. Overall, wonderful dish that my husband and daughter loved as well!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sporty Spice

The sporty chic trend has been around for a few years now, but it's just now really catching my attention and making me want to rock it. Maybe it's because of the neon colors that have been paired with this trend...or...maybe I just want to try something new. I'm sure you noticed some of the sporty looks at the S/S '12 Fashion Shows, a few of those designers were Victoria Beckham, Alexander Wang, and Rag & Bone.

Note to everyone...let's avoid looking like we should be on a high fashion playing field with the Packers or like we're going scuba diving in the pacific. Don't get me wrong, I like the whole scuba inspired idea but it needs to comes in small doses. Here are a couple outfits I put together (and need to buy)...
Sporty Trend

1. Team Color- I still haven't braved the sweatpants in public thing, but this look is making me reconsider. I mean this has to be one of the most comfortable cottony polished looks. The bright yellow tank that is played up by the neon bow on the shoe, and I put a structured pink bag for some more color along with sophistication.

2. Monochromatic Team Player- Obviously this is the more minimalist version of the sporty trend. Keeping it all in the greys keeps it sleek, business appropriate, and versatile. The dress is a sweatshirt material so it's just as comfortable as the first look. You could easily take this look so many places by changing out the shoes and accessories or layering a blazer/denim shirt on top.

I love both of these looks and will be digging through my closet to see if I have anything that can contribute to this trend. Have you rocked this trend? I would love to see photos if so, you can add your links in the comments OR do it here.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Put A Spring In Your Step

I have been drooling like Beethoven over the shoes this season. Pastels, neon, color blocked, sporty, strappy, structured...very surprised I'm not yet in a shoe coma! You would think with us living in Italy that I'd be swimming in all these glorious selections, but I'm not. This part of Italy has a different sense of style than say Milan. Therefore I pretty much order most of my things online (yea boring I know, I know). Now I have to decide WHAT to order as far as new spring/summer shoes. Do any of you watch The Real Housewives of where ever? Okay, I need a stylist that brings everything to my house (like Sheree's shoe guy) so I can see and feel what I like the best. 

I tried, really I did, to go through and pick my top 3-5 out of this bunch of shoes but it was pretty much impossible. I just couldn't do it in fear of hurting a shoe's feelings. Then what would happen? The world would be unaligned!!!


Which pair rank as a favorite for you??? I'm really liking the sporty and neon looks, but I'm also in love with the strappy structured heels and the pastels. Guess that means I'll need 1 of each.