Monday, April 23, 2012

Rain Makes Me Boring

Constant sucks...point blank. It has been raining every day here in Italy for about 2 1/2 weeks. April showers bring May flowers right? I sure hope so because as of right now my little garden and all my flowers are hanging on by a thread. 

I'm one of those people who absolutely despises having to venture out in a downpour unless I have to. Well, all last week I was busy as ever, running around every single wet and nasty day. My (icky) computer class hit it's midpoint so I had projects and a midterm exam due.Which of course put me more behind on my usual schedule. Now that I'm pretty close to back on track, here I am again.

In weather like this I can never decide what to wear. I don't want to look like a total bum, but the desire to dress up and get ready doesn't strike me either. Here's some looks that are similar to what I've been recently sporting...

What are your favorite rainy day looks?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Gracelynn Rose Designs WINNER

enter me !
I love this:
*I have sent you an email and also given your email to the owner of Gracelynn Rose.*

Expecting to see all the awesome DIY shorts I created this past weekend??? Well guess what? I didn't get to do any because the thrift store wasn't open so I wasn't able to get jeans to use for cut offs. And I don't have any jeans on hand that could be cut up and destroyed or they didn't fit right for shorts. They will be open on Thursday and I'll be the first one through the doors raiding the I know you're disappointed, I'm extremely heart broken about it. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, April 13, 2012


Coachella starts today and goes through next weekend. I'm extremely jealous of anyone and everyone that's going. Hopefully I'll make it eventually, possibly a road trip with girlfriends once we move back to the states...hmmmm. But for all of us that can't make it, here's a little weekend inspiration.

I can't wait to check out all the fashion pics soaring the internet after the festival. All the boho, laid back, comfy outfits get me really excited. If the weather warms up and stops raining, I'll be looking like I'm going to Coachella! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and it's more sunny near you than it is here. Don't forget, it's the last day to enter the it HERE 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Short on Inspiration?

HOLY COW! There is so much inspiration out there for denim shorts! Usually I'm more of a skirt/dress person in the spring and summer, but I'm just really feeling all the cool shorts out there and wanna be a part of it all. I wish you could all come to my house and have a big ole' DIY party, sip on mojitos, laugh, and have a good time. Instead it looks like the hubby is gonna be helping me out because I can't wait any longer to do this. Originally I was going to wait on this post until after I finished making the shorts, but I just couldn't wait. I mean can you tell how excited I am about this? 

Okay, so I can't tell you ALL the ideas that are running around in my mind that I'm sure is run by mignons, then there would be no element of surprise. But here are a few...

DIY Shorts
My two faves are the purple & green dyed and the flag shorts!

Tonight I am going to the Airmen's Attic to scout around for good denim that I can turn around and destroy. The Airmen's Attic, which is on base, is like a goodwill but FREE to certain ranks and their families. Last time I walked out with a like new Ann Taylor sheer blouse and a Jessica Simpson dress that still had the tags on it. But tonight, not only will I be looking for myself but for my daughter as well. I figured since I'm gonna have the dye out and getting dirty anyway I might as well make her some shorts to match mommy. She will really appreciate it...after all, at her age (4) she still thinks mommy is pretty cool.
Tomorrow I'll go get all the materials I need (dye, paint, etc) and then start having fun. Hopefully the weather is a bit nicer than it has been so that I can do all this outside on the porch. Come Monday I will post tutorials and pictures so that you can try it out to! YIPPY I'm overflowing with excitement***Also don't forget to enter the giveaway HERE because it will close out tomorrow (Friday) at midnight eastern time. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hop On The Bandwagon?

So I noticed that I made a boo-boo and only posted the pictures here's the full post for those of you that already saw that. 

A huge S/S 2012 trend that's happening right now is the scarf print. I find it kinda vintage, retro, and a little old grandma-ish...but it works and I like it.
Scarf Print Trend

This is one of those trends that you either love it or ya hate it, I don't think there's really an in between here for a lot of people. Personally, I love it in one piece of clothing and not head to toe. Above you can see the yellow leggings and bra top are the exact same, but I wouldn't be in both at the same time. On a beautiful tall model it may look great, not on my 5'2 petite frame. But I definitely need to add something scarf print to my "to buy" list.

For those of you having trouble with this trend or not knowing what to wear with it, here's a few examples using pieces in the above photo. 

Wearing Scarf Print

-To mix and match prints, let the top half be more subtle. Try a white blouse with small polka dots
-Play off the colors in the shorts with a top in the same color family. Here I added a darker purple shirt to contrast with the light purple at the top of the shorts. The colors are pretty close but not exact. 
-Bra tops and bustiers are fitted very close to the body so keep the bottom a little looser or something the flows away from the body.
-Add a blazer/cardigan to change up the look or wear to work.
- Add a cardigan or blazer in color instead of black.
-With such a busy allover print, keep the accessories and shoes simple.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Like A Baby's Bottom

All skin care professionals will tell you this...
#1. Every morning wash your face
#2. Use a routine skin care product daily (day, night, or both)
#3. Every night before bed clean your make up off 
#4. Get plenty of sleep to minimize bags or dark circles around the eyes. Start using an eye cream early in life. 

Well guess what? I do wash my face every morning in the shower, but the rest I don't do as often as I should. That is until now! I went to the store yesterday and they had the Clinique 3 Step Cleanse sets for $11.00. It comes with Liquid Facial Soap Mild, Clarifying Lotion, and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. I heard great things about it so I decided to picked one up (dry combination skin) and give it a whirl. I have used Clinique before but not these particular items, I've really only used their make up. 

3 Step Face Cleaner

Today is day 3 of using these and I'm already in love with the way my skin has improved so far. Already my face feels so much softer, smoother, more even, and my make up goes on easier to. It says to do the routine twice a day but I'm slowly working up to that because I do have sensitive skin if I switch up products or use new stuff. This will last me for a while but as soon as I start running low you bet I'll be right back to buy some more. 

Tomorrow I'm going to go check out the make up remover & eye cream as well because Lord knows I need it. Every day I've woke up with either dark circles or bags under my eyes and it's driving me crazy. I turned 25 back in December and I'm starting to notice things that I never had to deal with before. I've always taken good care of my body, weight, and things like I need to do more treatments and things for my skin and hair. What are some of your favorite beauty products?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Final Color Combo Series (#5)

Growing up, we all played princess on a daily basis (I still do) and had tea parties with great and noble teddy bears. When asked "what is your favorite color," the reply was always PINK & PURPLE. So ladies, today we are reliving our childhood with 2 ever popular girlish hues. 
Pink & Purple

Outfit #1- Not the princess outfit you were expecting huh? These purple & pink dyed shorts are shouting inspiration at me. This could possibly be a DIY post in the future, that's IF I'm brave enough to take on the dye process. Pairing it with a rocker/band tee and Dr. Martens kinda says "hey you, i'm sort of a bad ass." Don't you think? You could dress the shorts up with a white blouse that ties at the neck and some pretty wedges or platforms. 

Outfit #2- Here's the look suited for a beautiful princess. A high low skirt typically suits all shapes and sizes, and don't forget to tuck in your tank to accentuate your waistline. I love the contrast of the pale pink and dark purple together. Maroon also goes well with this color combo and I think it adds a little more lux-glam to the outfit. Go with a statement necklace and keep the rest of the jewelry simple. 

Outfit #3- Here's a subtle way to add in more colors to your outfits. Pick one color to showcase in your clothing and add the other in with your accessories. White denim here, because we've all dug them out of the deep dark pits of the closet for spring. Have you noticed the necklace yet? The outfit overall is very cutesy-girly, so I threw in a pistol...haha. 

Doing this color combination series has been a lot of fun for me. I'm a very visual person, so when I can create ideas in my head and share them with you it's exciting. Now I'm trying to think of what type of series post I can do next! If you have any ideas that you would like to see on my blog shoot me an email.

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