Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Every summer & winter, many stores start to have beauty clearance. These are usually products that are being discontinued, getting new packaging, or whatever other reason. If you don't know what I'm referring to swing by a CVS on your way home from work. You'll see yellow clearance price tags, pink 50% off stickers on's like a beauty product heaven! And before I forget, Lumene BB Cream was on sale for $3.66!!! That's an $18 (awesome) product!

Loreal Colour Riche has several different lines, but the Caress is my most recent purchase...I'm actually only 4 shades away from having all 16, and I WANT every single one. 

From Left-Right: #172 Blushing Sequin, #173 Velvety Fuchsia, #176 Sunset Angora, #179 Cherry Tulle

From Left-Right: #169 Pink Plush, #170 Cotton Pink, #183 Pink Vinyl, #184 Merino Mauve

-Balm quality instead of a lipstick
-Last about 3 hours, so not like a stain or long lasting formula
-Goes on very smooth with a silky feel
-Doesn't dry out or get clumpy on the lips 

  I'm completely in love with these lippies! They have become my go to and I always have 1 or 2 shades in my purse. For a more subtle look I just swipe it back and forth on the lips 2 or 3 times, if I want more pigmentation then I go back and forth until the desired color is achieved. I would probably say the shades in the top picture are more pigmented than the pinks, but you can build upon that color. 

   Now I'm super excited to try more of the Loreal lippies and I'll probably pick some up at CVS since they offer such great deals on beauty products and many things are on clearance. What is your favorite drugstore lipstick?